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New With Tags: My Favorite Consignment Shop, Merry Go Rounds (Repost from South Shore Family Adventures)

We were so lucky to meet Amy of South Shore Family Adventures recently. An Easton mom of twins, her mission is to get kids and families outside by recommending hiking and other outdoor adventures in Southeastern Massachusetts. We believe strongly in getting kids outside and instilling a love of nature and the environment, plus we just love the outdoors ourselves! It was a perfect match. Amy's neighbor, Sarah from Sarah Dennehy Photography, did a photo shoot of Amy's kids wearing some of their Nike and Under Armour finds from our store, and she captured their spunky and sweet personalities so perfectly. Amy wrote the most wonderful blog post about us (honestly, it speaks about everything we stand for as a business even better than we could!). We're so honored and appreciative and wanted to share it in full here.

You can find both of them on Instagram: South Shore Family Adventures and Sarah Dennehy Photography. Give them a follow!


Original post by South Shore Family Adventures:

This is NOT a sponsored post! SSFA is happy to feature two businesses in Easton that we love: Merry Go Rounds consignment shop and Sarah Dennehy Photography.

From the time my twins were born, I’ve bought nearly all of their clothes at thrift stores (or I’ve received them for free from friends who were generous enough to pass on their things). I like the thrill of a good hunt in a thrift store–finding treasures buried in the mess is fun for me!

But not everyone enjoys the musty smell, dingy floors, and chaos associated with a thrift store. While I’d argue the characterization is fair, but nothing to fear, I’ve increasingly become a huge fan of consignment stores as an alternative. And I’m especially a fan if the consignment store is local, owned by a mother and daughter pair, and so clean and well organized that it looks like a Newbury Street boutique. Enter Merry Go Rounds on Washington St. in Easton.

These days, I don’t have spare time to rummage through piles of disorganized and often damaged clothing. Furthermore, when I thrift, some days I find nothing. Some days I hit the mother lode, but that is rare. And I never know what goods they will have–if I go in looking for a particular item (a rain coat, for example), I’m likely to strike out.

On the other hand, shopping at a consignment shop offers a wide selection of exclusively name-brand items, in immaculate condition, at deeply discounted prices. EVERY SINGLE ITEM at Merry Go Rounds is in perfect condition. The displays are carefully curated. The clothes are organized by color, size, gender, and type. I found numerous items that were still new with tags. And the brand names are amazing. I had ample opportunity to choose from Nike, Under Armour, Adidas, North Face, Vineyard Vines, etc. for my boys. After only 10 minutes of browsing, I spent $60 and walked out with four complete outfits for my guys; all items were Nike, Under Armour, and Adidas–their faves!

The stuff I found was so nice, and I was so impressed with the personalized shopping experience. I chatted with Melissa, the owner, and watched her interact with her clients. She knew one little girl by name and chatted eagerly with her family while they checked out. This shop is undoubtedly one of Easton’s best assets, and it is worth a trip from anywhere on the South Shore.

So, to spread the word about Merry Go Rounds and demonstrate the quality of the items available, I asked my neighbor, friend, and local photographer, Sarah Dennehy Photography, if she’d be willing to take some pictures of my boys in their new/used clothing. She was game, so off we went to the Trustee’s property The Governor Ames Estate in the center of Easton.

If you’re not convinced already that you should give Merry Go Rounds a try, there are numerous advantages to purchasing used clothing from a consignment store:

  • Name brands last. I’m not so much a brand-name snob as a tough consumer–I want clothing that will hold up to the beating that my boys give the items. And, in my experience, name brands simply are built better than Target or Kohl’s brand clothing. If you’re purchasing the name brands at a consignment store, the prices usually beat the department store brand and they will last longer.
  • Purchasing used clothing is the environmentally sound and sustainable way to go. It saddens me to think we continue to mindlessly churn out new clothing items when there are so many things that are already made (and often new with tags) that are not being used.
  • We all know this, but kids grow so darn fast. What I buy this season will likely not fit next year, so why spend a ton of money on clothes? I purchase gently used goods and so that I can buy triple the amount for the same price as one new item.
  • Shopping local, for used goods that are already in front of you, supports both the local economy and the local shop owner AND reduces the pollution and resources that are used to manufacture and ship new clothing.
  • Your kids will always be in style–consignment clothing is not out of synch with the times! Furthermore, Merry Go Rounds often gets unique, boutique-quality items. So, at one shop, you can find everything from everyday sportswear to one-of-a-kind pieces you’ll never find at your local department store!

What Sets Merry Go Rounds Apart

  • Merry Go Rounds was founded over 30 years ago as a brick-and-mortar establishment.
  • The business is currently owned by the mother-daughter pair Beth and Melissa. We love the idea that this is a both a women-owned and multigenerational business!
  • In 2019, Merry Go Rounds began offering an online shop as well as their physical store. You can browse and purchase strictly online if you prefer, and they will ship anywhere.
  • In addition to online shopping, Merry Go Rounds offers a personal shopping service (tell them specifically what you’re looking for, they will find some options, and then they will video chat you or send photos to show you the items!) and Merry Boxes (a box of about 4-5 carefully curated outfits based on general parameters). These are great options for busy parents or parents of small children that don’t want to drag their kids into the store while shopping.
  • Merry Go Rounds accepts returns.
  • Merry Go Rounds also sells like-new books and toys.
  • When your kids have outgrown their clothing, consigning at Merry Go Rounds is easy!! Drop by the store for a list of helpful guidelines (they are also online, but you may want to visit the store first to get an idea of the high quality that is expected and offered). Drop your items off in a bag and register for an account anytime the store is open. NO need to wait around while your things are screened. Anything that is not accepted will be donated and/or recycled in an environmentally sound way. Easy-peasy!! The earnings split is 50/50 for sold items.
  • Owners Beth and Melissa are long-time members of the Easton community. They know their customers. They are helpful, pleasant, and eager to help!

What Sets Sarah Dennehy Photography Apart

We are also excited to support Sarah Dennehy Photography. Sarah is a friend and neighbor of mine, and she takes great pictures. Sarah is my go-to for photo shoots because she’s talented and fun. Sarah has been a preschool teacher for many years. She knows kids. She puts them at ease, jokes with them, and establishes rapport while she’s snapping photos. My boys–who hate taking pictures–have a great time with her. They ENJOYED this photo shoot; the joy on their faces is real. A huuuuuge thank you to Sarah for capturing their goofy faces, these beautiful clothes, and the gorgeous day! The next time you need family photos or want to capture a special occasion (recently Sarah took photos of a couple on a blind date! She almost broke the internet with this idea!), reach out to Sarah!!!

This is NOT a sponsored post, and we have not received anything for this write up. I am simply so impressed with these local businesses.

Original post on South Shore Family Adventures website

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