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Announcing our second location + FAQs

Our new store!
As many of you know, we have opened a second brick-and-mortar store! The second location, in North Easton Village Shoppes, has officially been open since August 1. We're excited to grow our business and it has been a great experience so far.
Since opening, we've had tons of well wishes from customers, neighbors, and friends. We've also gotten a number of questions. Below are our responses to the most common ones. We are eager to hear your questions or suggestions, so please reach out!

Why did you open a second store?

We've wanted to expand for a long time, and this was the right opportunity to do so. We love the location at North Easton Village Shoppes and couldn't pass up the chance to open a store there. We've also outgrown the space at our original location on Belmont Street - we have too much great inventory and not enough room to display it all.

Will you keep both locations?

Yes, that's the plan. As mentioned above, we have so much inventory to sell and not enough space for it all, so a second location (rather than just a move) is the ideal situation. We are still testing out the best way to have two locations in the same town, while making the shopping and consigning experience as positive as possible for our customers. Which brings us to the next question...

What is the difference between the two locations?

Again, we're still figuring this out. Currently, we sell similar items at both stores: new and gently used kids' clothes (size newborn through 12), shoes, accessories, books, and toys. However, there are a few differences:
Washington Street (new store)
  • We now sell brand-new toys and gifts. The front of the store is all new products. We have carefully selected a mix of items, focusing primarily on quality brands (including Melissa & Doug), eco-friendly and handmade items, educational toys and games, and affordable favorites (think slime, squishies, and sequin stuffed animals).
  • We are currently selling a curated selection of new clothes. We just imported some beautiful handmade baby clothes from KOM in Brazil/Argentina (we are especially obsessed with the llama print pants) - check them out in the new store now!
  • All of our dance wear (dance shoes and leotards) is now at the Washington Street location.
  • All of our American Girl brand dolls, accessories, and books are now at the Washington Street location.
Belmont Street (original store)
  • The majority of our books are still at the original location. Did you know that the owner, Beth, built the bookshelves in our book room by hand?
  • All of our cleats are still at the original location.

Can I consign at both locations?

Starting September 1, we will be taking consignments at the new location! If you're new to consigning or need a refresher, the instructions are here. We take drop-offs of up to 20 items, no appointment needed. Our consignment hours will be the same (Tuesday - Saturday, 10am - 2pm) and we are currently taking fall inventory. 
As of September 1, we will be taking drop-offs ONLY at the Belmont Street location. You will be able to leave your items at the store but we will not be able to return the items we cannot sell. 
You will still be able to access your account credit and receive payouts at both locations.

What is your plan for the future of the business?

We have so many plans! As some of you know, Beth's daughter, Melissa, is getting more involved with the business and is bursting with youthful energy and new ideas. We'll keep it brief for now, but here are some things we're thinking about. If you have ideas or suggestions, we'd love to hear them.
  • You may notice that this is a new website! We're excited to start selling selected products online. Take a look at what's for sale - we'll be adding new items regularly.
  • We are testing out a new subscription box service. Essentially, we want to help your kids' clothes grow with them, and will curate a box of outfits based on your personal style preferences. You can keep the box as long as you want, then sell it back to us when you're done, when we send a box of clothes the next size up. Learn more here and look out for an official launch soon.
  • We've been in Easton for nearly 30 years, but want to get more actively involved in the local community. We're planning to host events at our stores and be more present at activities around town.
  • We are strongly committed to sustainable consumption and building a more circular economy. We're also passionate about local, small businesses like ourselves, and the resale industry as a whole. We have a lot of thoughts on these topics and will be writing about them more, on this blog and elsewhere.
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