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Customer shoutout: Zack Langway

Zack Langway and his husband are proud parents of two adopted sons. With every new baby comes exciting milestones and growth spurts. And as any new parent can tell you, buying bigger clothes for a growing child is a frequent—often monthly—occurrence, which is one reason why Zack finds shopping resale at Merry Go Rounds to be a great choice for his family.

When asked why he shops resale for his child, Zack’s response was simple: with his sons sizing out of everything so frequently, resale was the only practical and sustainable choice. In Zack’s opinion, resale is the perfect way to buy new things for your child without creating more waste.

What makes Merry Go Rounds the perfect choice for him is the quality. Though some people might be unaccustomed to shopping resale and might worry that the term “secondhand” equates to something being well-loved and well-worn, with Merry Go Rounds that is simply not the case!

According to Zack, Merry Go Rounds is very meticulous in how we pick our inventory – and it shows. He told us that he has never felt like he's getting anything “used” from Merry Go Rounds. He says everything is cute, stylish, and in great condition. He also loves the brands that Merry Go Rounds offers. One of his favorite pieces he has bought for his son is this adorable Vineyard Vines long-sleeve button down.

Though Zack does not shop for himself as much anymore, one of his favorite memories comes from buying resale while in college. Back then, Zack and his mom went to the Salvation Army and bought a beat-up old dining set. They brought it home, sanded it down and re-varnished it together, making it look like new again. To this day he still has that same dining set in his house. Each time he looks at it, he is reminded of the value of shopping secondhand, and the fond memories of reclaiming it with his mom.

While Zack’s sons are still young and may not yet understand the important cycle of buying clothes resale, Zack hopes to raise them to be both environmentally and socially conscious. He is raising them to be active members of society who understand the importance of protecting the planet and other people's rights. His goal is to raise his sons to treat others with kindness and empathy—and that’s a message we can get behind!

We are grateful to have customers like Zack, who are making our community a better place, and who love resale as much as we do.

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