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Get to know our Operations & Analytics Intern, Maria!

Today we will be highlighting our Operations & Analytics Intern, Maria Cardoso. She is a rising junior at Babson College and is helping us improve our customer experience.
  1. I love cherry tomatoes and my dad grows them in our little backyard vegetables garden. He plants them amongst squash, cucumbers, and all kinds of other vegetables so it is amazing to see them all bloom (and to eat them).
  2. During the winter break of my sophomore year, I travelled all the way to Hyderabad, India to visit my former roommate and her family. It was a painful, almost 20 hours plane ride but it was worth every hour.
  3. I almost chose to study at Carnegie Mellon University but Babson’s beautiful campus really drew me in. The fall landscape is truly amazing and it only gets better in the summer.
  4. My family is originally from Cabo Verde, a little ten island country off the coast of West Africa. I was actually born and raised there for ten years before immigrating to the USA.
  5. I am a huge fan of live music, especially if it's indie pop and/or punk rock music. In an effort to save more money, I challenged myself to endure one semester without purchasing any concert tickets. I succeeded, but never will I do that again.
  6. All of my 5 siblings and I are 2 or 3 years apart and there’s a pattern of boy, boy, girl. Seems like my parents really thought this one out.
  7. I am a proud first generation college student and have always prided myself in academic excellence. It feels amazing to have the full support of my huge family and I always try to make them happy by earning honors and achievement awards.
  8. A week before my sister gave birth, we were debating who had the best gift for our mom and I was the clear front-runner. But, on my mom’s birthday my sister gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Sadly no amount of carefully picked out chocolate boxes were competing with a grandchild.
  9. Volunteering, specifically in services that help children, has always been a passion of mine. I started babysitting and tutoring at the age of 12 and haven’t stopped since. Even during my freshman year, while living on campus I tutored and mentored kids in a Needham housing authority.
  10. Merry Go Rounds is the first company I have ever interned at! As a family owned kids resale shop, it truly embodies what I value in life. And as a sustainability driven retail shop it exemplifies what I value most in a company. I could not have picked a better internship.
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