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Get to know our Marketing Intern, Anika!

Today we will be highlighting our Marketing Intern, Anika Patel. She is an incoming MBA student at Yale School of Management and is helping us with our marketing strategy.
  1. I am an ice cream addict and love a sweet treat right before bed! You know we are friends when you also start to become an addict.

  2. I grew up in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada and love the feeling of sunshine on my back. Being outdoors became my me-time and I try to spend at least 15 minutes a day outside.

  3. My hot take: I prefer calling over texting. There is power in hearing a voice rather than another ping, even if most people in my generation disagree.

  4. I am an early bird because I feel productive when I start my day before the sun rises.

  5. If I got an Amazon gift card today, I would spend it all on books, primarily non-fiction, because knowledge is the best investment. My all-time favorite purchase is Good to Great by Jim Collins because it was the first book to speak to my inner economist.

  6. I am the middle child and it is totally true that we are the odd man out.

  7. My favorite band is OneRepublic. I have tried to see them live three times, but was unsuccessful due to travel delays, weather, and a family emergency. Fingers crossed for a 2021 tour!

  8. I wanted a change from the small-town life, which is why I decided to go to UCLA. I value education and look forward to being back in an academic setting.

  9. My favorite quote is “Dreams don’t work unless you do” by John Maxwell. I saw it in one of my professor's office and the quote stuck more than multivariable calculus.

  10. I have very little experience in marketing, but Merry Go Rounds took a chance on me. I am grateful for this opportunity and to have gotten exposure to a whole new side of retail. Resale really is where it is at!  

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