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Guest post from Candice Narsasian Healey: My personal #ResaleChallenge

Today we're featuring a guest blog post by Candice Narsasian Healey! Candice is a new mom to Kellen (who is rocking a Merry Go Rounds outfit in this photo). She's also one of our CEO Melissa's oldest and dearest friends. Read on to learn about Candice's personal #ResaleChallenge!


At the beginning of quarantine, I was in the middle of maternity leave. To some degree, I was already quarantined but now all trips to the outside world stopped. I needed something to take my mind off the virus when the little guy was asleep, so I decided to deep clean my whole house.

I started with my clothes. I wanted to finally put away my maternity clothes and organize the messiest sock drawer you’ve ever seen. While doing both of those tasks, I took it one step further and began to get rid of years' worth of clothes I’ve never worn or worn only once. I have a tendency to buy clothes I don’t really like because they’re on sale (I’m looking at you J. Crew).

With this latest clean-out, coupled with the saddening news of the economy, I was appalled to see how much money I wasted in pre-quarantine life.

The habits went beyond just buying clothes I don’t need:

  • I always bought my lunch
  • I always bought coffee
  • I’d roam around Target and buy 18 different candles
  • I’m going to put Target on here twice... because it’s Target
  • When we did grocery shop, a lot of it went unused because we’d be too tired to cook and would get take out.

That’s when I started to change and think twice about what I was buying. While I’m tempted by all the sales, I truly don’t need more clothes. I don’t need home decor.

The only things I need are clothes for my son, diapers, wipes, some toys for his development and food... also making a note that wine and coffee counts as food.

All of this sparked a challenge I’d like to try -- when I need to buy clothes for him (or myself) I want to try and buy resale first. It’s a little thing I can do to support local businesses and help save money, plus I know it’s great for sustainability reasons. As part of the challenge, I will also ask myself a key question, “Do I really need this?”. I feel like by asking myself this, I’ll save myself from donating a bunch of unworn items and wasting money.

Let’s see how it goes! I’ll report back soon!

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