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Happy Secondhand September!

Did you know that the secondhand movement has its own alliterative awareness-raising campaign? Oxfam, the global nonprofit that partially funds its work through revenues from its UK-based charity shops (the British term for thrift stores), deemed this month Secondhand September back in 2019. Even though every month is secondhand month at Merry Go Rounds, we're on board with any opportunity to draw attention to the movement.

If you're reading our blog, chances are you're already bought into the concept of shopping secondhand. So instead of encouraging you to give it a try, this month we encourage you to spread the word! One of our goals as a business is to normalize secondhand shopping -- and that depends on more and more people talking about it. Take pride in your secondhand finds for yourself and your kids! Share your excitement about it with other parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and anyone else lucky enough to have kids in their life.

And of course, secondhand shopping doesn't stop with kids' goods. This month, why not try shopping secondhand in a different category than you're already doing? Secondhand furniture, household goods, electronics, books, and adult clothes are all widely available, and you can find incredible deals on high-quality things.

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