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Introducing our Spring 2021 intern, Ellen!

We're so happy to share that we've welcomed a new intern to our team, Ellen McGrath! She's already made a big impact in the short time she's been working with us. We asked her some questions about herself and her interest in Merry Go Rounds -- read on to learn more.


Hometown: Right here in Easton, MA!

School: Babson College (majoring in business analytics and sustainability)

What made you want to intern with Merry Go Rounds?

I knew the internship would give me valuable experience dissecting the intersection between business, the circular economy, and sustainability. I have always been interested in pursuing a career that combined sustainability and business, my two passions. I think that the idea of a circular economy is important as we run out of resources in our ever increasing consumeristic society. The new business leaders of today should be educated in how their business creates an environmental footprint. 

What are you working on?

One of my main projects is creating Merry Go Rounds' first-ever impact report. Since becoming a Massachusetts Benefit Corporation last year, the company is now required to submit an annual impact report to demonstrate its social and environmental impact. I'm excited about the opportunity to both use existing materials and develop new content to tell the story of MGR's impact in a compelling, narrative-driven way.

I've spearheaded the marketing campaign announcing MGR's B Corp certification by writing blog posts and creating social media content. I'll also be writing a series of blog posts about the intersection of business and sustainability and the environmental benefit of shopping resale. I've helped MGR's CEO, Melissa, better understand marketing analytics to help guide decision-making for the online store. And I've drawn on my Easton knowledge to identify local businesses and organizations that could be potential partners.

What are your future career goals?

While I do not have a specific career path in mind, I know I want to be in a business that is making a difference. I want to combine my business knowledge with my knowledge of environmental sustainability to help create a new generation of business that creates value for the customer while also considering the future for our planet. I am very interested in analytics and would like to be in a business analyst role.

Can you share some fun facts about yourself?

I am part of my college's student-run theater organization and have been doing theater since the second grade, my favorite food is French fries, and I have two dogs (a puggle and a great pyrenees mix).


Thank you again, Ellen, for being a part of our team. We're so grateful to have you!

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