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Introducing our summer 2020 interns!

We could not be more excited to welcome two summer interns, Anika and Maria, to the Merry Go Rounds team!

Anika Patel, our Marketing Intern, is from South Lake Tahoe, CA and is an incoming MBA student at Yale School of Management. For her internship project, she will be creating a brand and marketing communications plan. (She also made the graphic for this blog post!) She decided to join Merry Go Rounds because, in her words, "I loved the mission behind the brand and felt like I clicked well with Melissa. The work that I am doing is completely different from what I was exposed to and I feel like I am learning a lot! Also, who doesn’t love looking at kids clothing?"

Maria Cardoso, our Operations and Analytics intern, is from Brockton, MA and is a rising junior at Babson College studying business administration and management. For her internship project, she will be analyzing data to identify problems and provide data-driven solutions. In her words, she joined Merry Go Rounds because "I am very passionate about sustainability and entrepreneurship! Merry Go Rounds embodies those values for me as a family-owned, resale shop. And I can put to good use my business analytics skills while learning from our CEO Melissa!"

Anika and Maria have already made such a positive contribution to our team, and they're just getting started! In the coming weeks we'll be sharing more about their backgrounds, interests, and projects. We're so grateful to have them on board!

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