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Maria Cardoso: Internship summary + farewell

Guest post by Maria Cardoso, Operations & Analytics Intern at Merry Go Rounds

 As an intern at Merry Go Rounds, I got to explore so many datasets and software! The first week of my internship experience, I learned to use Shopify and presented to our CEO insights I had gathered from visualizing the data. It was an amazing feeling to be able to provide helpful takeaways from the raw datasets. Each week I got to practice my analytical skills. Also, these weekly meetings helped me develop my soft skills like delivering and making presentations as well as explaining analytical concepts. I spent the following weeks analyzing other raw datasets and got to meet my fellow intern Anika! This was truly an amazing team and I learned some cool marketing concepts from Melissa and Anika during our team meetings.

I then focused my time on learning a POS and inventory management system, SimpleConsign, and creating a data analysis guide. Using R, I was able to write a code to predict inventory days on hand. Nothing makes you become a true expert in R and data analysis like dealing with hundreds of errors at a time. This was my last project. I’m extremely grateful for this opportunity, as it was truly captivating working alongside Melissa and Anika and for an organization as wonderful as Merry Go Rounds!

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