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Spring Cleaning: What To Do With the Things That No Longer Bring You Joy!

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Spring is here, and the urge to clear out items that no longer bring us joy (or in many cases, simply are too small) is in full swing. But spring cleaning doesn’t end with deciding which things to keep and which ones to do away with—you also have to figure out what to do with the things you’re bidding adieu.

So where is the best place to bring your unwanted kids’ goods? Well, the answer to that depends on the type of item and the condition it’s in.

Clothing in excellent condition

Option 1: Consign it!

Consigning your clothing is a great way to get some money back for your items. Some consignment stores pay for items upfront (usually at a lower rate), while others pay when the item sells (which is what we do). Usually, consignment stores will look through your items thoroughly to make sure everything they accept is in good condition, and will either return unsellable items to you, or donate them to a charity or clothing recycling program.

We recommend looking over your items carefully for any flaws before bringing them to a consignment store. Also, check to see what types of items the store accepts, as well as the sizes that they will accept, and whether they take items on a seasonal basis. If you’re interested in consigning kids’ items with us, you can find all of that information on our Consign page.

Option 2: Donate it!

Posting your items for free in a Buy Nothing group on Facebook or on Freecycle is a great way to be sure that your items are going directly to someone who can use them. Plus, it’s often possible to find someone who is willing to come pick up items from your home (or another location of your choosing) so you don’t have to go through the trouble of bringing them to a donation center.

Also, thrift stores can always use items in great condition. Usually, they accept donations at a drop-off door at the store during their open hours. Different thrift stores have different practices, with some prioritizing environmental sustainability, social impact, and fair labor practices more than others. You may want to look into the practices of various thrift stores in your area to see which one(s) you would like to support.

Charity organizations are another option for donating your used goods. Like thrift stores, different charities have different practices, so you may want to learn a little bit about the charities in your area before deciding where to make your donation. Many charity organizations have bins in various locations in many cities and towns where you can donate your items without having to drive to the store. If you do choose to donate in a streetside bin, make sure to put your items inside of the bin. If the bin is full, do not leave your items outside of the bin, since they may get soiled. Remember, donation bins are not trash cans!

Clothing in good condition

Do you have items that still have plenty of life in them, but are no longer in excellent condition? Donation is a good option for these kinds of items. As mentioned above, you can choose to donate to a thrift store or charity organization, or to an individual in your community via your local Buy Nothing group or Freecycle. See the Donate It! section above for more information

Clothing that’s no longer good to wear

You can donate your clothing that is no longer good to wear to a clothing recycling program. Helpsy is a good option for recycling clothes and keeping them out of the landfill. Like charity organizations, they have donation bins in various locations. Find a Helpsy bin in your area.

Backpacks, school supplies, winter coats, etc.

Items like backpacks, school supplies, and winter jackets are especially needed by many charity organizations. If you live near Boston, Philadelphia, New York, or Chicago, Cradles To Crayons is a great organization that connects children with basic essentials, including clothing and school supplies. Find a Cradles To Crayons donation location in your area.

We also recommend checking to see if there are any local drives for goods happening in your community, or if there is a homeless shelter or domestic violence center near you that is seeking donations.


Many stores and organizations don’t accept used toys. However, charities, daycares, and hospitals often have a need for gently used toys. Consider donating to Toys for Tots, which gives toys to children who otherwise might not have any. Alternatively, Buy Nothing groups and Freecycle are also good options for passing on used toys.

Kids’ books

Little free libraries are a fantastic way to pass along children’s books (as well as books for young adults and adults) to individuals in your community. They can be found in neighborhoods all over the world. Find a little free library near you.

Additionally, many consignment stores and thrift shops also accept used children’s books. If you’re in the Easton, MA area and have books that you’d like to consign, bring them by our store and we’ll be happy to take a look! We accept books that are in excellent condition, with no writing or flaws.

Many of the items that you no longer need can be useful to someone else. Be sure to consider all the options before throwing an item in the trash. Finding the best place for the items that you are ready to pass on is a great way to give them new life. Thank you for making an effort to reduce waste and prolong the life of your items!

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