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How to Support Your Queer Kid


It’s National Coming Out Day! We know that for queer and trans youth, a supportive family makes all the difference. Shoutout to all the parents who are helping their LGBTQ+ kids learn how to embrace their fullest selves!

Here are some tips for supporting your queer kid:


1. Be affirming!

Queer kids with supportive family members have been shown to have significantly better mental and physical health.

Believe their description of their identity.

Use the pronouns they choose. 

Correct yourself if you accidentally use the wrong pronoun.


2. Provide care.

If desired, help them access gender affirming hormone therapy, which is shown to improve mental health and have very low rates of regret.

If desired, help them legally change their name to reflect their identity.

If desired, help them find a therapist who affirms their identity.


3. Create connection.

Support their friendships with other queer youth. Get to know their friends.

Encourage them to join a queer community, like a support group, pride center, or inclusive youth group.

Help them find LGBTQ+ role models in their community.


4. Build support.

Talk to their teachers, school staff, and religious leaders about helping to build affirming spaces. 

Learn about LGBTQ+ issues. Do some reading online. Join a group for family of LGBTQ+ youth, like PFLAG.

 Ask them what you can do to make them feel supported. 

Here are some great resources for LGBTQ+ youth & their caregivers:

Here are some Easton, MA LGBTQ+ resources for our neighbors:

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