Custom boxes

We're excited to offer a personalized box service for gently-loved kids' clothes. This is a convenient option for busy parents, and it also makes a great gift! Here's how it works:

  • You tell us size, style preferences, and other info through a short quiz.
  • We personally curate 4-5 children's outfits based on your preferences and the season.
  • We send you a box!
  • When your child outgrows the clothing, you have the option to sell them back to us and receive a box of items the next size up.

The box will have two options:

  1. Standard ($59): a mix of quality brands
  2. Premium ($79): designer brands only!

We launched our beta version in summer 2019. We're planning to do a full launch by summer 2020 and will be taking pre-orders soon.

If you're interested in trying it out or learning more, fill out this form.

We'll be in touch soon with more details!