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Custom boxes now available!

We're so excited to announce our partnership with BOBOX to officially launch our custom boxes! It's a convenient option for busy parents, and it also makes a great gift. Here's how it works:

  • You tell us size, style preferences, and other info through a short quiz.
  • We curate 4-5 children's outfits based on your preferences.
  • We send you a box!
  • When your child outgrows the clothing, you have the option to sell them back to us and receive a box of items the next size up.

The boxes come in two options:

  1. Standard ($59): a mix of quality brands
  2. Premium ($79): designer brands only!

We've beta tested boxes with several different parents and improved our offering based on their feedback. If there are things we can still improve, please let us know!

BOBOX is a Boston-based startup that connects brick-and-mortar resale stores with new customers through personalized clothing bundles. Our two companies share a lot of common values and a vision for a world where buying secondhand is the norm. We're working together to make kids' resale shopping as convenient and fun as possible.

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