Desert Days, Desert Nights - Merry Go Rounds - curated kids' consignment

Desert Days, Desert Nights

Through meticulously detailed illustrations, this visually dynamic survey contrasts day and night in five of North America's prominent deserts-the Chihuahuan, the Great Basin, the Mojave (including Death Valley), the Painted, and the Sonoran-and highlights the unique animals, plants, and geological formations of each. From the desert spiny lizard and the greater roadrunner to the spotted bat and desert banded gecko, this survey examines the diverse array of animals, birds, and reptiles occupying these arid lands. Intricate watercolor illustrations are accompanied by lists of animals and names in each spread. In addition to legends identifying the animals, the guide also includes maps pinpointing the deserts' locales, overviews of the respective desert environments, and fun creature factoids. Examining altitude, temperature, and climate, the text also pays special attention to global warming and its effects. By Roxie Munro.